The Netrunner Vanguard Project - Alpha Card Set

Exactly what is a "Mentor"?
A mentor is an advanced presence in Netspace that is helping others. This presence can provide you with several advantages, but insists onrestrictions in your style for the help. As a player you get to associate with this mentor.
Exactly what is a "Consortium"?
A consortium is a group of corporations with common goals. They have limited information sharing and patent licensing rules. The player gets to play a corp being built as part of that "brotherhood" of competing partners.
Designer Note: If you have any better ideas I would love to hear them. I know that corps don't play well with others in the CP2020 universe but this is the best "tribalization" idea I could come up with
Mentor/Consortium cards are not part of your decks, and don't count toward card restrictions or numbers. They are placed, cost free, at the beginning of the game, before the Corp's mandatory draw on the first turn. They can't be affected by any cards, and remain for the entire game.
Mentor Cards: 
Card TextDiscussion
A 2*: Add a +1 counter to an installed Icebreaker. Use this ability only after breaking all of the subroutines on a piece of ICE this turn. Counter can only be added to an icebreaker with a matching keyword on the ICE broken. Use this ability only once per turn. Remove one +1 counter at the end of any turn in which you did not run.

"Why do I run the net? Because I have no other choice.
The ability is designed to be used to force the runner to make a run per turn. The bonus can be awarded to any icebreaker that has one or more keywords in common with the ICE broken *even if* the icebreaker was not used to break the ICE. So, you can use Dropp to beef up Wild Card by breaking a Shock.r repeatedly.
The Waycon Kidd
All installed Icebreakers gain +2 to strength at the beginning of the run.
All installed icebreakers gain -1 to strength after passing each piece of ICE the runner encounters.
Runner can not run if tagged.
Runner receives a tag at the end of each turn during which runner received a tag.
"I just do what I do best."
The icebreaker twiddle is to encourage many short runs. The corp will want to rethink some of the ICE placement strategies with this ability in play. The use of the word installed is very specific, if you Mystery Box or Self Modify an icebreaker into play, it will not get the bonus but it will be degrading after each encounter.
A 1* : Search your stack for a hardware card. Show that card to the corp and bring it into your hand.
Runner must pay 1* in addition to any other costs to trash a card other than an ambush.
3* : Prevent 2 meat damage
"When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping"
Dog's first ability is problematic. In the CP2020 universe, Dog was very into hardware and cyberware. This ability represents the hardware contacts a friend of Dog would have. The biggest problem is the use of cybernetics to a heavy degree in Faked Hit decks. I don't think this will do anything to speed those decks up at all. Adding a cybernetics restriction is possible.
Tally Ho
A: Gain bits equal to the number of cards the corp installed during their last turn. Use this ability only once per turn.
At the end of your turn gain 1* if you exposed or accessed any installed card.
"Let's see what's on the menu today"
Tally makes her money from info. You're still a bud, so you can make some money off of info. The first ability helps the runner get some early cash. The corp can slow down to one install per turn or give the runner an opportunity to make more money per action, their choice.
Spider Murphy
A : Install one Stealth card for half the install cost rounded down.
0* : Install one stealth card. Use this ability only during a run and only once per turn.
A : Replace the bits on one stealth card with the appropriate number of bits from the bank.
- no flavor text yet -
Spider's install reduction needs to be seriously looked at. Is half the cost too cheap? You tell me folks. I'm comfortable with 3* off as an alternative. Stealth installed during a run is at full price so I don't see this getting used for anything but Invisibility.
A 2* : Search your stack for a program or select a program from your hand or trash. Shuffle your stack if you searched it. Set that program aside and put a number of code counters on it equal to half the installation cost rounded up. When the last code counter is removed, install that program at no cost.
A : Remove one code counter from a program.
Remove one code counter from one program at the beginning of your turn.
"Me, I only trust what I write. And I write good stuff."
Edger is an alternate form of the Shell Traders. This is to represent the fact that he can write his own software but it takes time. Hook that boy up to a Lucidrine Drip Feed or two, I say... :)
Consortium Cards:
Card TextDiscussion
- no card name yet -
All installed ICE gains +1 for each rezzed sysop installed in that fort.
Cost to rez sysops is increased by 2
Cost to trash Sysops is reduced to 0.
- no flavor text yet -
This one will be a wash in many sealed decks. No sysop, no bonus. But think of what you could do with all those Dr Dreffs in a constructed deck... Oh did I mention that the bonus is definitely only for installed ice and therefore dreffed ice gets no bonus?
- no card name yet -
Gain 1* after each successful trace.
Increase by 1 the trace limit on a trace that has no effect other than giving the runner a tag.
A 2X* : traceX. If the trace is successful, give runner a tag. X cannot be less than 3.
All meat damage is reduced by 1.
- no flavor text yet -
The unprovoked trace is one of the most expensive in the game. This one will cost you a minimum of 6* to use. For 6* you get a trace3 to play the trace game with. The last part is interesting with Corporate Headhunters because they will successfully deal 0 damage. Does that mean the handsize is decreased? Skipper needs to say on that one, I vote for yes myself
- no card name yet -
A : Gain 2 actions which you may only use to install ICE.
All ICE on central data forts has an additional subroutine: "@ runner must
pay 2* or end the run"
Cost to rez ICE is reduced by 1.
Trash all rezzed or exposed black ICE at the end of any run.
- no flavor text yet -
So... the additional subroutine could be reduced to 1* if needed. This is cool for sealed games because there is very little black ICE there, you can use all the black ice you want... once. Then it blows up, the logic being that repeated illegal security practices will get you booted from the Security Consortium.
- no card name yet -
Gain 1* at the start of your turn for each tag the runner currently has.
Gain 1 Bad Publicity point for each point of meat damage dealt by another source.
- no flavor text yet -
You get paid to keep track of people, not to kill them.
- no card name yet -
Consortium-Public Relations
Pay the Rez cost +2* of an advertisement to replace the bits on it. You may
use this ability when removing the last bits from an advertisement. You may
use this ability only once per turn.
Advertisements must be rezzed when they are installed.
- no flavor text yet -
This is wonderful with BBS Whispering Campaign. Not so good with Rockerboy, Holovid, or Braindance Campaign.
- no card name yet -
Difficulty of all Black Ops agenda is increased by 1.
Difficulty of all Research agenda is decreased by 1.
- no flavor text yet -
Fairly simple, you get help with big research projects but have to be careful about the black ops going on, lest people find out.

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