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Corporate Dispatch Alpha: In the 21st century, order has been established at last. Proper government depends on good management practices, and the population now recognizes this. We, the corporations, carefully control the flow of information so that only those requiring data are authorized to access it. Thus, in the fullness of time and with correct planning, we can advance our agenda, directing the course of global business so as to ensure prosperity for all.

RUnn3rZ R3bbU++@L: Dude, what bullchips! That's what the Corps want you to believe, but what they're really after is power. All the power. All the time. Democracy is meaningless when a typical Corp CEO controls more information, and more wealth, than all but the largest countries. You want prosperity? Start with freedom. Set that data loose to roam the Net where it belongs, not locked in some Corp databank.

Netrunner Storyline
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  • Webrunner: The Hidden Agenda
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  • Webrunner II:  The Forbidden Code
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 Netrunner Expansion Sets Back Stories
  • The Chrysalid Matrix
CM1.00 - A Golden Cocoon Is Spun
CM1.01 - Jack In, Already
CM1.02 - Awful Quiet Night
CM1.03 - Sorry, Wrong Number
CM1.04 - A Really Good Scapegoat
CM1.05 - Digital Origami
CM1.06 - Gray Matter Melting
CM1.07 - Not Dead Yet
CM1.08 - A Rabble Roust
CM1.09 - The Techspecs of Tyranny
CM1.10 - Purged by the System
CM1.11 - A Sudden Intruder
CM2.00 - A Tenebrum Advert
CM2.01 - Before You Go To Ground
CM2.02 - Punter in Cognito
CM2.03 - Two Questions
CM2.04 - Reckless Enthusiasm
CM2.05 - Girl Next Door
CM2.06 - First Night Alone
CM2.07 - A Member of the Family
CM2.08 - Taking Inventory
CM2.09 - Everything Under Control
CM3.00 - Her Own Devices
CM3.01 - Working
CM3.02 - Misplaced Loyalties

  • Winterdawn
The Lowdown

 Android: Netrunner Storyline
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