Sunday, June 24, 2012

NROHub update 2012.06.24 - IE fix

Hi all, I've been a little away from NR Universe, but we're still here and working on giving you the best NR experience ever, and this week update will showcase that as we do care for user feed back, so we fixed the bug that our Internet Explorers users were having (blank page).

But we know that some of the IE versions may still not work as the bug is a Microsoft thing as that we're also introducing a quick fix for all the users that still see the blank pages:

So all you have to do is click on the compatibility button that your IE browser have on the address line. That should fix things up and you can now experience NROHub on his full.

We also did not leave the rest of the users out of this update, and even though you do not find nothing new today, you will get a treat called A day in a week a new Fan set, as we're proud to announce that starting tomorrow until next Sunday we will release one fan created set per day.

Those sets will be released on their original forms, so some of them do nor have art nor are placed on a card template layout, but fear not our Puritan friends that only care about sets full templated, you have two options, the first and easiest to to is just to way that I got time to template the cards, or you have the second option, that is to go to our downloads page, browse the resources and download a fan made Card Creator (Proxie Maker) and template your own cards.

That way your cards may not look as good as the Official or the Vetted cards, but for now it's the best that I can do for giving you an alternative to create your own cards.

So that's all for now Runners, we're back tommorrow for the first day of the One Week One Set Per Day Extravaganza Event.
-- Ophidian Lord


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