Base Set

NETRUNNER® is a trading card game of dark, techno-future intrigue, set in the world of R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk® rpg. In the vast expanse of netspace, ruthless corporations scheme to accomplish secret agendas as they build elaborate fortresses of data. They hide their darkest secrets behind layers of exotic and deadly computer security. As their elegant computer programs come to life, anarchistic netrunners hack the system, infiltrating data forts to liberate information. In netspace, the war for information never ends....

CORPORATIONS rule the world. Mega-corps oversee the lives of millions, but they keep their true agendas hidden. Some corporations are benevolent, but others indulge in sinister Black Operations to serve their own greed. You have control over the Corporation ... what kind will you build? 

RUNNERS find ultimate freedom in netspace. Armed with technological wizardry, street savvy, and indestructible idealism, runners slam into netspace to make information free. Will you use your power to reveal the secrets of the corporations, or do you fight the system to spread chaos and anarchy? 

Richard Garfield has designed another great tradable card game, one that's easy to learn and quick to play. Each starter pack of Netrunnerincludes a Corporation deck and a Runner deck. The series consists of over 350 beautifully illustrated cards, which bring the world ofCyberpunk to life: from the gritty byways of the street to the strange wonderlands of netspace. You have the freedom to choose your role. Information brings power, and Netrunner holds the answers. 


Corporate Dispatch Alpha: In the 21st century, order has been established at last. Proper government depends on good management practices, and the population now recognizes this. We, the corporations, carefully control the flow of information so that only those requiring data are authorized to access it. Thus, in the fullness of time and with correct planning, we can advance our agenda, directing the course of global business so as to ensure prosperity for all.

RUnn3rZ R3bbU++@L: Dude, what bullchips! That's what the Corps want you to believe, but what they're really after is power. All the power. All the time. Democracy is meaningless when a typical Corp CEO controls more information, and more wealth, than all but the largest countries. You want prosperity? Start with freedom. Set that data loose to roam the Net where it belongs, not locked in some Corp databank.

To read the Official Netrunner Storyline click the Fictions link on the Downloads tab.

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