Move....and you're Dead

Arguably the most lethal sleeper in Chrome and Kilobytes is the Sponsor Zetatech. Mix it with certain cops and a couple of media, and you have a dangerous stall tactic that can work effectively in any tournament arena.

Zetatech allows you to choose players at the beginning of your turn to place the top card of each of their decks into their trash pile. A resource depletion technique that can be more than just nasty, especially if you can prevent them recovering anything that they are forced to discard – and that’s where your cops come into play. Turn the tabletop into a police state, watch everything your opponent does, and grind him into the floor.

Vice Cop and Fashion Police is the best combo you can have on the table. Depending on your target’s Style, these guys become 9 power super cops who can bust almost any runner in the game. Throw in an Image Recognition Eye and a Torpedo Police Interceptor and your cop is a 13 power upholder of the law who flinches at no-one.

The primary drawback with Zetatech is its resource production, providing only Eb equivalent to the cards in your hand at the time. This can be easily overcome with some planning, ‘freeware’, or cards that allow you to draw when they enter play are crucial in being able to maintain a balanced cash flow, and you’ll need to pack a couple of Body Lotto Jackpot’s just in case.

The idea is to run your opponent out of cards, so this deck is very light on Operations, a couple of Gangs Bring Down Property Values are there just to increase costs, another stalling tactic. Enhanced by the M-Sec raising ability of the media, your Event cards are there simply to thwart your opponent and force him to concentrate his draw on his Runs deck.

Be loud, be arrogant, be brutal. Watch your opponent lose his key Runners, his vital Operations, and his money-laundering Locations….then laugh.

Sponsor: Zetatech

Runs Deck:

  • 4x Fashion Police
  • 4x Vice Cop
  • 3x Jimmy Blitz
  • 3x Milo Stevenson
  • 2x Zane Red
  • 2x Jabberwocky
  • 3x Gangs Bring Down Property Values
  • 4x Corporate Housing
  • 4x Braindance Arcade
  • 4x The Mall
  • 2x Satellite Launch Facility
  • 2x Net 54 News Studio
  • 2x Data Terms
  • 2x 24-7
  • 1x The Sewers

Gear Deck:

  • 4x Cyber Arms
  • 4x Cyber Legs
  • 4x Image Recognition Eye
  • 2x AutoDoc Nanites
  • 4x Torpedo Police Interceptor
  • 4x Bad Press
  • 4x Assassin
  • 4x Burning Down the House
  • 2x I Don’t Think So
  • 2x I Used to be a Bozo
  • 2x If at First You Don’t Succeed
  • 2x Wake Up! Time to Die
  • 2x Roadblock
  • 2x Run and Hide

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