Silent Impact

Never released, development halted by WotC. However, a series of six cards labelled 'v2.0' were issued as promotional cards for a planned, but never released, Netrunner 2.0 core set. Even though originally appearing in Netrunner 1.0, these six cards have been revised for 2.0 and feature new artwork as well as revised game text. The six cards in question are Forged Activation Orders, misc.for-sale, The Shell Traders, Pacifica Regional AI, Bizarre Encryption Scheme, and New Galveston City Grid. Extremely rare and very hard to find.

Not much is know about Silent Impact beside the 52 cards that were released as the Classic expansion, until today... 

 Today we're proud to announce that we're releasing two unreleased and unseen Silent Impact cards (one for the Runner and one for the Corp), just grab them on the Download tab.

Of course if anyone has the original playtest cards and wanna to share, just drop us a line, and we'll complete the set as more info is available.

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