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Here are the Netrunner Weekend Participation GIFTS!
Bad Press
Satellite Launch Facility
Core Dump
Guido The Bouncer
Cyber Oracle
Remote Control - Giving Techies Something New
Move....and you're Dead
Brainware Blowout
The Soulkiller Deck
World Domination - Winner Take All
Zetatech - Deny Everything - The "Denial" Deck
My Top 5 Cards - What NOT to leave out of your Deck
We're back!!!
Long Range - Expect the Unexpected - Why don't people use LR?, July 2004
It's a Punknaught Baby! - Strategies for building that Uber Vehicle, June 2004
So you want to be a TV Star? - Media and the Denial Deck, June 2004
Hitting the Stash - Using and Securing the Stash, May 2004
Being Eco-Friendly - Recycling as a Strategy, May 2004