World Domination - Winner Take All

One of the most eagerly anticipated cards in Chrome & Kilobytes for us strategists is the Operation World Domination. The competition will be tough and varied to develop the next theme. We've seen High Noon, the Explodey, and in an earlier article I talked about the new Denial Deck using Zetatech, well now let me introduce you to the World Domination Deck.

This deck is a one-hit wonder, run this single Operation, and the game is yours. You would think that by the time you had amassed enough firepower to overcome 99 M-Sec and 99 E-Sec you could have won using the Special Victory of almost every Sponsor in the game, well depending on your deck designm, that's quite likely. Many have said that the Operation is therefore unrealistic and will only be included in "fun" games and never see serious competition. I disagree, and this article will show you why.

It's long been a challenge that I and several others have stepped up to, to earn 100 Ops Points in a single turn. I've done it twice, both times using an Explodey Deck, but I have witnessed it done using Arms Race as well. World Domination will make it easier still. The only way to come close to achieving the impossible is by building your deck solely around Netrunners and the Brainiacs Sponsor.

The Brainiacs

Produces: 6

// Whenever you use The Brainiacs to recruit a Street faction Netrunner that is not in play, you may pay an additional 2 to draw a card from either deck. // You cannot recruit Corporate or Government cards other than Netrunners. // Your Netrunners may be used to lower or raise either E-Sec or M-Sec (your choice). // Your Solos cannot use their power to raise SR unless there is a skirmish.

The big hammer here is the ability for Netrunners to lower M-Sec as well as E-Sec, the choice being up to you. If you can get enough of them in play then it is quite feasible to removea ALL of the security in a single turn. In order to do that you will need to maximise the use of each of your Netrunners via Stim Patch, Zetatech MiltiHacks and another new C&K; card Japanese Water Torture. Your primary weapon in the Netrunner stakes has to be Hector, and because his ability is so good, a couple of Clones are essential to have as many of him in play as possible.


Netrunner, Street

Cost: 12

Power: 7

// Hector may use Interface during Damage Control. If he does, the effect lasts until the end of your next turn.

What we have here then is a character that is the mother of all Netrunners. Add a Stim Patch and a MultiHack and boost him with a Short Circuit and an In My Element and you can get this:

Power = 7 + 3 (Short Circuit) + 4 (In My Element) x 4 (Stim Patch & MultiHack) = 56

That's for starters. by using some Nomads in your build and attaching a Zetatech Deluxe Deck or dressing him in a Gargoyle Suit it's conceivable to hit over 100 on the above equation. If you have been building up your hand slowly over several turns, getting some of those cards ready for a single card turn, a few Japanese Water Torture tokens on World Domination will make your job a lot easier. Sure its a lot of cards to get together in a single throw of the dice, but taking over the world wasn't meant to be easy now was it?

Of course you will need to make sure that your Runners are safe, and your Locations well protected, after all it takes a lot of cash to get the cards out in one or two turns, and World Domination itself will cost you a whopping 40 Euro. So, that's at least a start, and something to use as a stepping stone to your megalomaniacal plans of taking over the world!

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World Domination

  • 2x World Domination
  • 4x Short Circuit
  • 4x Hector
  • 4x Clones
  • 4x Black Ops Specialist
  • 4x Zetatech MultiHack
  • 4x Stim Patch
  • 4x Japanese Water Torture
  • 4x Zetatech Deluxe Deck
  • 4x Gargoyle Suit
  • 4x In My Element
  • 4x If at First You Don't Succeed

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