CM2.01 - Before You Go To Ground

The Cognito FAQ continues.

Q: So far, so good. Sounds like a good bolt-hole. But how can I have any sort of access to Netspace and not be leaking e-m all over the place?
A: Cognito is unique in its approach to Netspace. It has more storage than any other unit of its generation can reasonably be expected to have. This is possible since Cognito is not a portable, as most decks are, and also because it does not allow interaction in Netspace. Instead, Cognito stores all pertinent Netspace data (you determine what is considered pertinent) in its large multiple storage arrays.

Q: Wait. "All" data? "All" data?!
A: If you choose, yes.

Q: Like the whole 'Net?
A: If you choose the Deluxe Leviathan model, yes.

Q: So it's a really BIG deck?
A: Yes.


Q: But you still haven't answered my question--oh, wait. If you're storing the whole 'Net in there (which sounds very silly), I don't need a link to Netspace, right?
A: Yes and no. You will want to periodically update your information on Netspace. This can be done through the Backup Config utility. Updates can be made on an automatic basis or triggered manually (for that last-minute refresh before you go to ground). You can save the data in raw form, which is recommended if you actually do want to store global amounts of data, or in the 3D interface of your choice. A "periscope" ground-to-satellite relay can be extruded from the creche at your convenience in order to update changes to Netspace. Of course, if you require full interactivity and wish to forego the insulative capabilities of Cognito, you can re-establish a live connection to Netspace at any time.

Q: Full interactivity? You mean I only get partial interactivity?
A: When fully secured, Cognito allows only passive interaction with Netspace. This will allow you to view data and examine data relationships and structures in a frozen period of time corresponding to your most recent update.

Q: Can I upload any changes I make while in passive mode?
A: Not reliably. We've been working on this feature, but it would probably just get everyone involved into a lot of trouble.

Q: So what?
A: So don't come crying to us when you try it.

Q: You said this thing would withstand a small thermonuclear blast. What about a big, industrial-strength jackhammer?
A: Our testing so far has proven that Cognito's casing alloys can outlast more than three jackhammer bits. We'll let you know when we're done with the fourth one--it'll be close.


Q: Testing? Now waitaminnit. Just how many of these things have you sold?
A: You're our first customer.

Cognito -- New from Tenebrum
It's not a deck--it's a refuge.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery (depends on feature-set). Contact your Tenebrum representative for details and a guided tour.

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