Running deep with Deep Runs (v2.3.b)

In the late 2030, the War was not finished, but reached a "steady" point. It was no more a wild war, uncontrolled and risky, but a technical confrontation where ramdomly events were minimized. In the technology field, the Robotech companu, dedicated to protection devices, appeared as a first and unavoidable actor in the cyberworld.

It was the time when Corps reinforced greatly their research departments, creating new deadly ice at hurting more than stopping hackers, and using more and more traps to discourage the enemy. Hunting Runners remained an important asset, with new detection and tracing programs.

From the outlaw side, Runner gangs grouped themselves together, discovering that their interests could be better served by putting in common their resources, which allowed them to act more swiftly and at the same time to penetrate the system without being located.

Protecting against the unwanted, hideng deeper into the realm of cyberspace, surfing almost invisible, were the new style for roaming in the matrix to get the most of these Deep Runs.

Whats new (new or extended concepts):
  • Corp

  1. Defense-reinforcement (trace, icebreaker penalty, fort reinforcements)
  2. Punishment reinforcement (ambush, tab&bag)
  3. Card reacting on icebreaker keywords (noisy)
  4. Specific ice (Walls reacting on worm, sentry which copies subroutines of other ice)
  5. New Bomb ice type: sentry that do not end the run, but "explodes" after being passed

  • Runner

  1. Anti-ice cards
  2. Stealth reinforcement (icebreaker using only stealth bits, stealth boosters and helping cards)
  3. Deck manipulation variations (instant draws, installation helps,...)

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  1. Stealth Fan

    Nice information posted here. Thanks to the author for sharing such information. Keep posting.

  2. We will Stealth Fan. And as an insight we`re gonna release new stuff next weekend, so get ready for more NR!