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Released for the first time ever, grab now the unreleased official expansion set.

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Grab now, for the first time ever in pdf the last official expansion set.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

NetRunner Tron Card Set

The BoardGameGeek user Barbabouille (I belive that is his name, but I will recheck that info tonight, and correct it if necessary) created a new exiting Netrunner set, with an unique theme, a mix of Tron with Netrunner. The expansion set consists only in 49 cards. This set was to be released during the 2013 Halloween Season, but due to mine lack of time I was not able to release it in time... Until now, as we're proud to present you today for the first time ever you'll glance what this could be...

[The following cards are not Tournament Legal, and may cause a sordid pain if you try to place them in a deck, but for historical reasons we are presenting them to you, so use them at your own risk]

The Cards:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Greetings, salutations, ご挨拶, saudações, 问候, grüße, saluti, fellow Runners.

Here in the Hub, things are a little dead, as life interfered with my time to make regular posts. But now, I believe that I managed to find a way to revert that situation. With that said and done what you might expect of the Hub in the following months you may ask…

Well bros, if the Corps do not catch us, we will put the Hub up to date with all the releases of Android: NetRunner, as we know that we still hadn't showed our love if this version.

That's not all, regarding Classic version, we have a new full expansion set that was supposed to be released last Halloween, but life interfered and we never released that special Halloween set, until now, so wait for it as Tron Netrunner is upon us…

We'll be also restarting the web searches for new NR contempt so expect more and more cool stuff.

That's all for today, thanks for your time, Runner's OUT….