Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome to Netrunner Online Hub!!!

Welcome to Netrunner Online Hub!!!

And what is NRO Hub? Well NRO Hub started as Netrunner Lisboa City Grid, the latest NRGrid created with the goal of compose and compile all the Fan Created Netrunner expansion sets in one place.

But soon with the help of Wormhole Surfer from NetrunnerFrance and the multiple new sets that Playfull_EE created and edited, we decided to enhance the project that NRLCG had started and this is the result.

I'm Ophidian Lord and I'll be your host on this wireless trip into the soul of Netrunner, our final goal is to revive the community and show the world that no matter that the Corporations say with their World Domination, us Runners will have the final call into this New Word Order...


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