CM1.06 - Gray Matter Melting

And they expect Bob to explain how Punter's done it. How he has escaped this time. Either that, or Bob is going to tell them that they have just witnessed the turning point in Habeas Punter's career. And for someone like Habeas Punter, there's only one turning point to be had.

Bob takes the safe route. He gives them the data without explanation. "The data says that the intruder experienced four interruptions at the source point of the intruder's connection. The fourth interruption terminated the connection." This was scantech talk for "we fried some hardware on his end and melted down some gray matter."

There is a snicker from somewhere in the Room. But everyone knows that Bob isn't done yet. They want to know if the interruptions were "real" or absorbed by the hardware.

"The first three interruptions appear to be organic in nature."

The room bursts into cheers. Bob can barely hear Dreff's abrupt "You're welcome, Director. Dreff out." He sneaks a glance at the Director.

She is still staring at him. He thinks at first that she is angry with him. But then he realizes that she is looking through him, jaw clenched, knuckles white on the chair in front of her.

"Director," he says, almost gently, and only to her. He gets up out of his chair and steps toward the dais she is on. She focuses on him. "Director, I think he's okay. Someone took some heavy damage, but I don't think it was Punter. The scan changed, but all of his signs are still there."

She studies Bob for a moment. Then she relaxes. She nods in what Bob can only take to be thanks. And then she is all business again. "Finish your analysis, Bob, and send me the results." She turns away.

Well, of course he will do that. That's standard operating procedure. But "Bob"? What was that about?

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