CM1.00 - A Golden Cocoon Is Spun

My dear, dear Adele.

Here we are at last.

I'm sure this has been as hard for you as it was for me.

When I think of all we've been through, both together and apart, it's enough to fill me with pride and admiration at your fortitude and my patience.

All the years. All the planning. All the obstacles we've had to overcome. All the people who tried to keep us apart, even from the very beginning. But I wasn't ready then. I had too much to learn, too much to weigh, too much to accomplish.

Too much to assimilate.

Not one of them could understand that their striving against our destinies (that's how I think of us--as sharing destinies) was pointless.

And now we are together after all this time. I cannot help but laugh at the sheer joy of it.

Did you ever look up at the full moon and think of me? I thought of you. I would know that you were looking up to see how bright it was, and I would look up at the very same moment at the very same moon, and then we wouldn't seem so far apart.

I was always busy trying to fulfill other people's wishes. It took almost too long for me to see that they could have what they want just as easily if I got what I wanted first.

And they will.

You can't possibly imagine what fun I've had, how long I've waited. What a merry chase it's been.

But now i'm finally ready. Now, at last, you're mine. Of course, you always were.

Do you want me to tell you a story?

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