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WINTERDAWN a Netrunner virtual expansion, by The AI, Beats, Rabbi Small, Tinweasel and Whirlybird Gameboy.

Full In-depth review and corrections from v2.26 to v2.26b by Emmanuel “Playful_EE” ESTOURNET 2011-04-07

The Main Characters
Terrel LaCroix-Head of GenTech International, a Biotech Research Multinational specializing in genetics-anything from super-corn (mundane) to genetically engineered babys (limited in scope, but trendy among the really rich). 
Dr. Angus MacMillan-Former Head of Research at GenTech International. 
Dr. Sven Johanssen-Present Head of Research at GenTech International. 
Nero Yakata-former GTI Head of Black Ops. 
Zinger-Electronics Genius and passable Runner. Designer of Meltdown™ 
‘Tabloid’ Tommy Turnbull-A hard-nosed journalist, who will break any story, anywhere, as long as his name goes on it.

The Lowdown

      Dr. MacMillan, a Scot,  a noted geneticist, who along with heading up the Research facility at GTI, was the point man for Winterdawn, a project that through fetal gene manipulation improved the quality of life for the children of those who could afford the treatment by ‘de-commissioning’ genes responsible for birth defects and disease. Phase two was of the plan was two-fold. First, it involved mass-producing and mass-marketing Winterdawn in order to drive the price down far enough that the common man could afford the treatment. Secondly, research was increased with the aim of developing a process whereupon gene treatments could be injected into already sick or dying people in order to ‘de-commission’ those genes causing the illness. Unbeknownst to MacMillan however, much of the money invested in Winterdawn was actually being diverted into a second project headed up by Dr. Johanssen, Winterstorm. Johanssen’s work involved cloning and the person to be unknowingly duplicated was to be GTI’s Head of Security, Nero Yakata. 
     Now MacMillan has found out, and whats worse, Terrel LaCroix, President of GTI, knows that MacMillan is aware of his plans and wants him dead. The doctor, his support system cut out from under him in one fell swoop, turns to the person who stands to lose the most should the research be completed and the plan come to fruition, Yakata. 
     Their access to the computer banks cut-off, the two men seek out the Techie ‘Zinger’ and the Media ‘Tabloid’ Tommy Turnbull in order to use GTI’s weapons against it so that they might liberate the research and expose GTI for the fraud it is before it’s too late.

  • Emmanuel “Playful_EE” ESTOURNET Review & Sidenotes:
Below is a complete and updated review of Winterdawn, a virtual expansion made by a group of famous players, fan of this game. I took my first notes and comments I made long ago and used them as a starting point to make a full in-depth analysis of this expansion, taking into account the cards from Classic and last developments in Netrunner. I apologize in advance for any comment that could be perceived as blunt or severe, as my intent is not to criticize to destroy but only to help to improve, and I respect profoundly the
creator’s work.

The purpose of this article is not only to write a pure comment of the set, but also to “fine tune” it to correct all wording and balance problems. For the sake of clarity I set a version number to the original set: v2.26. The full corrected set is then v2.26b. I assumed that after the last official set of cards (Classic v2.2), all major existing virtual expansions would have a version number beginning with v2.2 with an additional
letter for corrected version (except Chrysalid Matrix which had already been numbered as v1.1e). Thus Rogues would be v2.21, Dangerous Allies v2.22, RIP v2.24, and then Winterdawn v2.26 (my 5 expansions are already numbered: Open War is v2.3A, Deep Runs is v2.3B, Cybertech is v2.4, Net Links is v2.5A, Hard Code is v2.5B). [Editor's Note: This numbering's will also be reflected on our Card Sets tab in a near update - Ophidian Lord]

For balance problems, some cards are remarkably broken, and corrections have been necessary to make them playable and prevent them from being simply banned. I know, that for some cards, I’ve taken what could be considered a “personal” option, but I’ve tried to keep as much as possible the original design of each card, and I corrected them only when it was really necessary). I personally consider the v2.26b as the full, finalized, and officially playable Winterdawn set.

I’ve also transformed the set into a full graphical one, and all the cards are presented now in the Netrunner layout and are fully illustrated. The process required a huge work, but I think the result is worth it, and it was anyway an old dream I had for this expansion. This is a way to pay tribute to Netrunner and to reward the
creators’ efforts to keep this game alive.
Thanks guys.

I strongly recommend to read this article with the help of my two pdf files (one for the Corp, one for the Runner) containing all the graphic cards of the v2.26b. [Editor's Note: All the files are now available on the Downloads tab]

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