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Welcome to New Angeles

Commissioner Dawn lifted the sheet, glanced at the cooling corpse underneath, and then grimaced. It was just as the officer on the scene had said, and it meant a lot of paperwork and a lot of overtime for her detectives…

It is the future. Mankind has spread itself out across the solar system with varying degrees of success. The Moon and Mars are colonized. A plan to terraform Mars is well underway, hindered only by a civil war that has broken out on that planet. On Earth, a massive space elevator has been built, stretching up into the sky. It is the hub of trade in the solar system, and most people refer to it as the “Beanstalk.”

Computers have continued to advance, and that, combined with discoveries in the field of neurobiology, has led to brain-mapping, a method by which a human mind can be stored electronically. Recently, two rival companies used this development in different ways to create artificial, sentient life. Jinteki created human clones that can be  matured and educated in a fraction of the normal time. Haas-Bioroid, on the other hand, built robots with brainmapped, artificially intelligent  minds, calling them “bioroids.“ Naturally, this has caused no end of trouble.

With both companies selling their artificial humans, or androids, as cheap labor, thousands of already-impoverished humans have found themselves unemployed. This, combined with their deep  mistrust of scientists playing God, has led  many lower- and middle-class citizens to hate and fear the androids. A group calling itself Human First has sprung up, calling the androids “golems’“ – referring to the legendary soulless clay creatures. Human First has attacked the androids on numerous occasions, usually wielding sledgehammers as their weapon of choice, since the androids are often physically resilient.

In this hotbed of hatred, fear, and prejudice, the men and women of the New Angeles Police Department attempt to maintain order. Their job isn’t easy, since their charter requires them to patrol not only New Angeles but also the Heinlein moon colony located across the Beanstalk. Nevertheless, they continue to guard the thin blue line between civilization and anarchy.


To read more you can access to the Android Board Game rulebook here.


The World Changed…

“The old-timers love to go on about how the world has changed, but crime has not. They’re wrong about the second part. Crime isn’t about money anymore, at least  for those pursuing higher aims than a hand-to-mouth existence. It’s about information. The right data  can buy you anything.” —Mr. White

CyberSolutions, Inc. is on the brink of a new discovery in synthetic humanoids. If successful, they could threaten powerfull megacorps Haas-Bioroid and Jinteki, who have a stranglehold on the artificial labor market. Unfortunately for CyberSolutions, Inc., their New Angeles branch office has been compromised.

A career criminal known only as “Mr. White” has gathered together a gang of thieves to infiltrate the CyberSolutions, Inc. facility. The  heavily guarded building will prove difficult to enter and navigate, but the valuable research data makes this heist worth the risk.

Mr. White’s personal contract with a certain megacorporation makes the job even more profitable for him. Unfortunately for Mr. White, he’s not the only one on his team with a personal agenda.

Now the infiltration is underway and there is no honor among thieves. With the first layer of security bypassed, Mr. White’s group splits up. The alarms have been triggered, private security mercs are on their  way, and it’s every man, woman, and bioroid for themselves. Who will escape with the most data? And who  will be left behind to take the fall?


To read more you can access to the Android: Infiltration rulebook here.

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